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Our exclusive tasting boxes each transport your tastebuds to a different region of Italy. All you've got to do, is pick a region to get started.

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Wine with soul. That's who we are and what we do. We're passionate about natural Italian wine, and that makes us passionate about Italian food and culture, too.

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Denis Montanar

Denis Montanar is a winery located close to the Slovenian border, near the small town of Villa Vicentina, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Monteversa is the name of the hill occupied by this Vineyard of 24 hectares with an annual production of around 54,000 bottles.


Pialli's family produces wine sine the 50’s: both grandfathers land was merged in 1999 to create a vineyard dedicated to the production of the little known Tai Rosso or ‘Venetian Tocai’.

What Are You Saying About us?

  • @gsutherland
    Alessandro Pialli's Rosso Calbin is Simply Stunning
  • @dwpugh
    Amazing wine, New Colours, New Grapes, New Tastes, Loved ALL of them.
  • @billyhill74
    Great idea, love Italy and love exploring what it has to offer. The wines are always of the highest quality with interesting back stories.

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