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  • @kate_hawkings (booze hound)
    Spontaneously fermented with a little skin contact to give it a bright russet apple crunch and dreamy aromatics. Alessandro Piallis Garghi is a Great modern wines, well worth seeking out 🍷
  • @kaskwine
    One of our top three skin-contact discoveries of last year, 𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈𝙀 ‘19 by @ferlat_vini . Classy, vibrant and characterful, we get bags of floral aromatics and juicy stone fruit. It’s one of those which shows that orange wine doesn’t have to be funky.
  • @gsutherland
    Alessandro Pialli's Rosso Calbin is Simply Stunning
  • @gemmakatehadley
    @coldellupo Extra Dry Delicate aromas of golden delicious 🍏, fresh pear, grape and peach lead, followed by a soft floral note of acacia on the back palate. Minerality and creaminess of the perlage create a balanced and harmonious mouthfeel. Delicious.
  • @dwpugh
    Amazing wine, New Colours, New Grapes, New Tastes, Loved ALL of them.
  • @kaskwine
    ‘Simply one of the best skin contact wines we’ve ever had’...(Alesandro Pialli Ombra D'Ambra)

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